Building the Data Warehouse

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Once the production environment undergoes the changes associated with transformation to the data warehouse-centered, architected environment, the production environment is primed for reengineering because:

■■ It is smaller.

■■ It is simpler.

■■ It is focused.

In summary, the single most important step a company can take to make its efforts in reengineering successful is to first go to the data warehouse environment.

the bulk of historical data that has a very low probability of access and is seldom if ever changed

informational, analytical requirements that show up as eternal maintenance

Figure 1.16 Removing unneeded data and information requirements from the production environment—the effects of going to the data warehouse environment.

Monitoring the Data Warehouse Environment

Once the data warehouse is built, it must be maintained. A major component of maintaining the data warehouse is managing performance, which begins by monitoring the data warehouse environment.

Two operating components are monitored on a regular basis: the data residing in the data warehouse and the usage of the data. Monitoring the data in the data warehouse environment is essential to effectively manage the data warehouse. Some of the important results that are achieved by monitoring this data include the following:

■■ Identifying what growth is occurring, where the growth is occurring, and at what rate the growth is occurring

■■ Identifying what data is being used

■■ Calculating what response time the end user is getting

■■ Determining who is actually using the data warehouse

■    Specifying how much of the data warehouse end users are using

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»