Building the Data Warehouse

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•    built application by application

•    current value data

*    data can be updated

*    online, transaction oriented

*    integrated data

*    a perspective over time

*    no update, load only

*    no online access, batch only

*    subject oriented

*    different levels of granularity

*    can contain external data

*    mostly primitive, with some public derived data

*    nonredundant

*    as detailed data over time

*    sometimes called «atomic” data

Figure A.5 METH 5.


The steps of the data-driven development methodology include a deliverable. In truth, some steps contribute to a deliverable with other steps. For the most part, however, each step of the methodology has its own unique deliverable.

The deliverables of the process analysis component of the development of operational systems are shown by Figure A.6.

Figure A. 6 shows that the deliverable for the interview and data-gathering process is a raw set of systems requirements. The analysis to determine what code/data can be reused and the step for sizing/phasing the raw requirements contribute a deliverable describing the phases of development.

The activity of requirements formalization produces (not surprisingly) a formal set of system specifications. The result of the functional decomposition activities is the deliverable of a complete functional decomposition.

The deliverable for the dfd definition is a set of dfds that describe the functions that have been decomposed. In general, the dfds represent the primitive level of decomposition.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»