Building the Data Warehouse

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It does not make sense to do the data analysis component of development because the developer is working from the data warehouse.

The output of this activity are reports that are produced on a regular basis.

PARAMETERS OF SUCCESS: When done properly, this step ensures that regular report needs are met. These needs usually include the following:

■■ Regulatory reports ■■ Accounting reports ■■ Key factor indicator reports ■■ Marketing reports ■■ Sales reports

Information needs that are predictable and repetitive are met by this function.

NOTE: For highly iterative processing, there are parameters of success, but they are met collectively by the process. Because requirements are not defined a priori, the parameters of success for each iteration are somewhat subjective.

IND1—Determine Data Needed

At this point, data in the data warehouse is selected for potential usage in the satisfaction of reporting requirements. While the developer works from an educated-guess perspective, it is understood that the first two or three times this activity is initiated, only some of the needed data will be retrieved.

The output from this activity is data selected for further analysis.

IND2—Program to Extract Data

Once the data for analytical processing is selected, the next step is to write a program to access and strip the data. The program written should be able to be modified easily because it is anticipated that the program will be run, modified, then rerun on numerous occasions.

DELIVERABLE: Data pulled from the warehouse for DSS analysis.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»