Building the Data Warehouse

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PARAMETERS OF SUCCESS: When executed properly, the technical definition of the data warehouse satisfies the following criteria:

■■ Ability to manage large amounts of data ■■ Ability to allow data to be accessed flexibly ■■ Ability to organize data according to a data model

■■ Ability both to receive and to send data to a wide variety of technologies

■■ Ability to have data periodically loaded en masse ■■ Ability to access data a set at a time or a record at a time

DSS4—Technical Environment Preparation

PRECEDING ACTIVITY: Technical assessment.

FOLLOWING ACTIVITY: Data warehouse design; population.

TIME ESTIMATE: One week to one month.


Once the architectural configuration for the data warehouse has been established, the next step is to technically identify how the configuration can be accommodated. Some of the typical issues that must be addressed here are the following:

■■ The amount of DASD required

■■ What link-either across the network or into the network-will be required

■    The volume of processing anticipated

■    How to minimize and/or alleviate conflicts of processing between competing access programs

■    The volume of traffic that will be generated from the technology that controls the data warehouse

■    The nature of traffic-either short or long bursts-generated from the technology that controls the data warehouse

PARAMETERS OF SUCCESS: When this step has been done properly, there are no technical barriers to success. The technical components that should have been installed, allocated, “burned in,” and ready to receive data include the following:

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»