Building the Data Warehouse

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66.    If the data warehouse is a global data warehouse, what data will be stored locally and what data will be stored globally?

ISSUE: When a data warehouse is global, some data is stored centrally and other data is stored locally. The dividing line is determined by the use of the data.

67.    For a global data warehouse, is there assurance that data can be transported across international boundaries?

ISSUE: Some countries have laws that do not allow data to pass beyond their boundaries. The data warehouse that is global must ensure that it is not in violation of international laws.

68.    For ERP environments, has it been determined where the data warehouse will be located—inside the ERP software or outside the ERP environment?

ISSUE: Many factors determine where the data warehouse should be placed:

■■ Does the ERP vendor support data warehouse?

■■ Can non-ERP data be placed inside the data warehouse?

■■ What analytical software can be used on the data warehouse if the data warehouse is placed inside the ERP environment?

■■ If the data warehouse is placed inside the ERP environment, what DBMS can be used?

69.    Can alternate storage be processed independently?

ISSUE: Older data is placed in alternate storage. It is often quite useful to be able to process the data found in alternate storage independently of any consideration of data placed on disk storage.

70.    Is the development methodology that is being used for development a spiral development approach or a classical waterfall approach?

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»