Building the Data Warehouse

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56.    Will class IV ODS be supported? How much performance impact will there be on the data warehouse to support class IV ODS processing?

ISSUE: Class IV ODS is fed from the data warehouse. The data needed to create the profile in the class IV ODS is found in the data warehouse.

57.    What testing facility will there be for the data warehouse?

ISSUE: Testing in the data warehouse is not the same level of importance as in the operational transaction environment. But occasionally there is a need for testing, especially when new types of data are being loaded and when there are large volumes of data.

58.    What DSS applications will be fed from the data warehouse? How much volume of data will be fed?

ISSUE: DSS applications, just like data marts, are fed from the data warehouse. There are the issues of when the data warehouse will be examined, how often it will be examined, and what performance impact there will be because for the analysis.

59.    Will an exploration warehouse and/or a data mining warehouse be fed from the data warehouse? If not, will exploration processing be done directly in the data warehouse? If so, what resources will be required to feed the exploration/data mining warehouse?

ISSUE: The creation of an exploration warehouse and/or a data mining data warehouse can greatly alleviate the resource burden on the data warehouse. An exploration warehouse is needed when the frequency of exploration is such that statistical analysis starts to have an impact on data warehouse resources.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»