Building the Data Warehouse

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ISSUE: (See the issue for question 50, except as it applies to temporary indexes.)

52.    What documentation will there be at the departmental and individual levels? What documentation will there be of the interfaces between the data warehouse environment and the departmental environment? Between the departmental and the individual environment? Between the data warehouse environment and the individual environment?

ISSUE: Given the free-form nature of processing in the departmental and the individual environments, it is unlikely that there will be much in the way of available documentation. A documentation of the relationships between the environments is important for the reconcilability of data.

53.    Will the user be charged for departmental processing? For individual processing? Who will be charged for data warehouse processing?

ISSUE: It is important that users have their own budgets and be charged for resources used. The instant that processing becomes “free,” it is predictable that there will be massive misuse of resources. A chargeback system instills a sense of responsibility in the use of resources.

54.    If the data warehouse environment is to be distributed, have the common parts of the warehouse been identified? How are they to be managed?

ISSUE: In a distributed data warehouse environment, some of the data will necessarily be tightly controlled. The data needs to be identified up front by the designer and meta data controls put in place.

55.    What monitoring of the data warehouse will there be? At the table level? At the row level? At the column level?

ISSUE: The use of data in the warehouse needs to be monitored to determine the dormancy rate. Monitoring must occur at the table level, the row level, and the column level. In addition, monitoring of transaction needs to occur as well.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»