Building the Data Warehouse

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42.    What logging of data warehouse activity will be done? Who will have access to the logs?

ISSUE: Most DSS processing does not require logging. If an extensive amount of logging is required, it is usually a sign of lack of understanding of what type of processing is occurring in the data warehouse environment.

43.    Will any data other than public summary data flow to the data warehouse environment from the departmental or individual level? If so, describe it.

ISSUE: Only on rare occasions should public summary data come from sources other than departmental or individual levels of processing. If much public summary data is coming from other sources, the analyst should ask why.

44.    What external data (i.e., data other than that generated by a company’s internal sources and systems) will enter the data warehouse environment? Will it be specially marked? Will its source be stored with the data? How frequently will the external data enter the system? How much of it will enter? Will an unstructured format be required? What happens if the external data is found to be inaccurate?

ISSUE: Even though there are legitimate sources of data other than a company’s operational systems, if much data is entering externally, the analyst should ask why. Inevitably, there is much less flexibility with the content and regularity of availability of external data, although external data represents an important resource that should not be ignored.

45.    What facilities will exist that will help the departmental and the individual user to locate data in the data warehouse environment?

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»