Building the Data Warehouse

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ISSUE: Ownership or stewardship of data is an essential component of success in the data warehouse environment. It is inevitable that at some moment in time the contents of a database will come into question. The designer needs to plan in advance for this eventuality.

31.    How will corrections to data be made once data is placed in the data warehouse environment? How frequently will corrections be made? Will corrections be monitored? If there is a pattern of regularly occurring changes, how will corrections at the source (i.e., operational) level be made?

ISSUE: On an infrequent, nonscheduled basis, there may need to be changes made to the data warehouse environment. If there appears to be a pattern to these changes, then the DSS analyst needs to investigate what is wrong in the operational system.

32.    Will public summary data be stored separately from normal primitive DSS data? How much public summary data will there be? Will the algorithm required to create public summary data be stored?

ISSUE: Even though the data warehouse environment contains primitive data, it is normal for there to be public summary data in the data warehouse

environment as well. The designer needs to have prepared a logical place for this data to reside.

33.    What security requirements will there be for the databases in the data warehouse environment? How will security be enforced?

ISSUE: The access of data becomes an issue, especially as the detailed data becomes summarized or aggregated, where trends become apparent. The designer needs to anticipate the security requirements and prepare the data warehouse environment for them.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»