Building the Data Warehouse

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Who Is the User?

Much about the data warehouse is fundamentally different from the operational environment. When developers and designers who have spent their entire careers in the operational environment first encounter the data warehouse, they often feel ill at ease. To help them appreciate why there is such a difference from the world they have known, they should understand a little bit about the different users of the data warehouse.

The data-warehouse user—also called the DSS analyst—is a businessperson first and foremost, and a technician second. The primary job of the DSS analyst is to define and discover information used in corporate decision-making.

It is important to peer inside the head of the DSS analyst and view how he or she perceives the use of the data warehouse. The DSS analyst has a mindset of “Give me what I say I want, then I can tell you what I really want.” In other words, the DSS analyst operates in a mode of discovery. Only on seeing a report

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Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»