Building the Data Warehouse

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If the volume of data is large,

■■ Will multiple levels of granularity be specified?

■■ Will data be compacted?

■■ Will data be purged periodically?

■■ Will data be moved to near-line storage? At what frequency?

ISSUE: In addition to the volumes of data processed by extraction, the designer needs to concern himself or herself with the volume of data actually in the data warehouse environment. The analysis of the volume of data in the data warehouse environment leads directly to the subject of the granularity of data in the data warehouse environment and the possibility of multiple levels of granularity.

11.    What data will be filtered out of the operational environment as extract processing is done to create the data warehouse environment?

ISSUE: It is very unusual for all operational data to be passed to the DSS environment. Almost every operational environment contains data that is relevant only to the operational environment. This data should not be passed to the data warehouse environment.

12.    What software will be used to feed the data warehouse environment?

■    Has the software been thoroughly shaken out?

■    What bottlenecks are there or might there be?

■■ Is the interface one-way or two-way?

■    What technical support will be required?

■    What volume of data will pass through the software?

■    What monitoring of the software will be required?

■    What alterations to the software will be periodically required?

■    What outage will the alterations entail?

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»