Building the Data Warehouse

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A Typical Data Warehouse Design Review

1. Who is missing in the review? Is any group missing that ought to be in attendance? Are the following groups represented?

■    DA — DBA

■    Programming

■    DSS analysts

■    End users

■    Operations

■    Systems programming

■    Auditing

■    Management

Who is the official representative of each group?

ISSUE: The proper attendance at the design review by the proper people is vital to the success of the review regardless of any other factors. Easily, the most important attendee is the DSS analyst or the end user. Management may or may not attend at their discretion.

2.    Have the end-user requirements been anticipated at all? If so, to what extent have they been anticipated? Does the end-user representative to the design review agree with the representation of requirements that has been done?

ISSUE: In theory, the DSS environment can be built without interaction with the end user—with no anticipation of end-user requirements. If there will be a need to change the granularity of data in the data warehouse environment, or if EIS/artificial intelligence processing is to be built on top of the data warehouse, then some anticipation of requirements is a healthy exercise to go through. As a rule, even when the DSS requirements are anticipated, the level of participation of the end users is very low, and the end result is very sketchy. Furthermore, a large amount of time should not be allocated to the anticipation of end-user requirements.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»