Building the Data Warehouse

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changed again. Next month, there is an oil spill in Alaska, and the corporate data warehouse needs to be changed yet again.

In short, there is a never-ending series of events that require the corporate data to be constantly changed. Building the corporate infrastructure to withstand this eternal change is a significant challenge.


The ERP environment is an application-based environment found in many places. Even with an ERP installation there is a need for a data warehouse. The developer has several choices, of which each have advantages and disadvantages:

■■ Move ERP data to a non-ERP data warehouse.

■■ Move ERP data to an ERP-based data warehouse.

■■ Move ERP data to an ERP-based data warehouse and move non-ERP data to a non-ERP-based data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Design Review Checklist

One of the most effective techniques for ensuring quality in the operational environment is the design review. Through design review, errors can be detected and resolved prior to coding. The cost benefit of identifying errors early in the development life cycle is enormous.

In the operational environment, design review is usually done on completion of the physical design of an application. The types of issues around which an operational design review centers are the following:

■■ Transaction performance ■■ Batch window adequacy ■■ System availability ■■ Capacity ■ Project readiness ■■ User requirements satisfaction

Done properly in the operational environment, design review can save significant resources and greatly increase user satisfaction. Most importantly, when design review has been properly executed, major pieces of code do not have to be torn up and rewritten after the system has gone into production.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»