Building the Data Warehouse

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The corporate data warehouse is in an ERP environment. So are most of the larger supporting local installations. But some of the local organizations have no ERP installation. How common is such a picture? Very common.

Figure 11.8

An ERP-oriented rendition of the global data warehouse.

The first issue is getting data into the corporate ERP data warehouse. The data needs to be restructured and converted as it passes into the warehouse. How easy is the transition from the non-ERP installations to the corporate data warehouse? Not particularly. And how easy is the passage of data from a local ERP installation into the corporate ERP? Surprisingly difficult as well. The reason is that even though the local ERP installation may be in the same brand of software as the corporate ERP installation, there will nevertheless be many differences in the way the software has been implemented. Even if all of the local installations were in the same type of ERP, conversion to the headquarters installation would still be difficult.

Furthermore, one of the major challenges is keeping the headquarters data warehouse in sync. Perhaps one day the rebels take over in Peru and laws change. The headquarters data warehouse needs to be changed. The next day, a new discovery of oil is made in the Caribbean. More changes have to be made to the corporate data warehouse. Next month, a new electronic device is made that allows electricity generators to generate 10 times the power they once did with no change in equipment. The headquarters data warehouse needs to be

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»