Building the Data Warehouse

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—    Bahamas

—    Hawaii

—    Jamaica marital status

—    single favorite stores

—    Nordstroms

—    Victoria’s Secret



Aug 13 entered as csmall, stayed 13 minutes

—    looked at bicycles, mens

—    looked at bathing suits, red

—    looked at cat litter

Aug 15 entered as csmall, stayed 26 minutes

—    looked at bathing suits, bikinis

—    bought blue bathing suit

—    looked at straw hats

—    looked at sunglasses

Aug 15 entered as csmall, stayed 1 minute

—    looked at Rayban wraparounds Aug 21 entered as csmall, stayed 12 minutes

—    looked at beach towels

—    bought picnic basket

—    looked at girls thong sandals

—    looked at sun tan lotion

Aug 22 entered as csmall, stayed 24 minutes

—    booked ticket to Bahamas

—    sent flowers to significant other

Figure 10.6 Periodically the detailed historical data is read, analyzed, and loaded into the format required for the ODS.

personal projection of the customer. The projection is predictive as well as factual. Certain factual information is standard:

■■ Date of the last interaction with the customer ■■ Nature of the last interaction ■■ Size of the last purchase

Other information is not nearly as factual. The predictive aspect of the analysis includes such information as the following:

■    Whether the customer is upscale

■    The customer’s sex

■    The customer’s age

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»