Building the Data Warehouse

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First a “delta” list is created. The delta list is an assessment of the differences between the operational environment and the environment depicted by the data model. The delta list is simple, with very little elaboration.

The next step is the impact analysis. At this point an assessment is made of the impact of each item on the delta list. Some items may have a serious impact; other items may have a negligible impact on the running of the company.

Next, the resource estimate is created. This estimate is for the determination of how many resources will be required to “fix” the delta list item.

Finally, all the preceding are packaged in a report that goes to information systems management. Management then makes a decision as to what work should proceed, at what pace, and so forth. The decision is made in light of all the priorities of the corporation.

Methodology and Migration

In the appendix of this book, a methodology for building a data warehouse is described. The methodology is actually a much larger one in scope in that it not only contains information about how to build a data warehouse but also

1.    delta list:

how the data model differs from existing systems

2.    impact analysis:

how each delta item makes a difference

3.    resource estimate:

how much will it cost to “fix” the delta item

4.    report to management:

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»