Building the Data Warehouse

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Figure 6.26 The data warehouse of a distributed corporation can be very similar to that of unrelated companies.

fast food    steel

franchise    mill

retail    golf course

banking management

distributed data warehouse represents the very fabric of the business itself. The corporate data warehouse for unrelated companies, though, is for finance alone. The instant that there is a desire to use the corporate financial data warehouse for anything other than the financial relationship of the different parts of the corporation, there will be disappointment with the corporate financial data warehouse. The difference between the two data warehouses, then, is one of depth.

Meta Data in the Distributed Warehouse

Meta data plays a very important role across the distributed corporate data warehouse. It is through meta data that the coordination of the structure of data is achieved across the many different locations where the data warehouse is found. Not surprisingly, meta data provides the vehicle for the achievement of uniformity and consistency.

Building the Warehouse on Multiple Levels

The third scenario of a company’s simultaneous data warehouse development occurs when different development groups are building different levels of the data warehouse, as seen in Figure 6.27. This case is very different from the case of the distributed data warehouse development. In this case, Group A is building the high level of summarization of data, Group B is building the middle level of summarization, and Group C is building the current level of detail.

The scenario of multiple levels of data warehouse development is very common. Fortunately, it is the easiest scenario to manage, with the fewest risks.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»