Building the Data Warehouse

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The Corporate Data Model-Distributed

The corporate data model reflects the integration of business at the corporate level. As such, the corporate data model may overlap considerably with portions of the local data models. Such an overlap is healthy and normal. In other cases, the corporate data model will be different from the local data models. In any case, it is up to the local organization to determine how the fit is to be made between the corporate need for data and the local ability to provide it. The local organization knows its own data better than anyone, and it is best equipped to show how local data needs to be shaped and reshaped to meet the specifications of the corporate design of data for the data warehouse.

While there may very well be overlap in the structural design of data from one local level to the next, there is no overlap to any great extent in the content of data. Figure 6.24 shows the building and population of the corporate data warehouse from the local levels.

The source of the data going to the corporate data warehouse can come from the local data warehouse or from the local operational systems. The determination of the system of record should be a decision that is made entirely at the local level. Most certainly, several iterations of definition of the system of record will be needed.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»