Building the Data Warehouse

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The Nature of the Development Efforts

The first issue facing the data architect who must manage multiple data warehouse development efforts is the nature of the development efforts. Unless the data architect knows what kinds of efforts are occurring and how they relate to the overall architecture, he or she will have a very difficult time managing and coordinating them. Because the issues of development vary considerably depending on the approach, different types of data warehouse development efforts require very different approaches to management.

Multiple data warehouse development efforts occur in four typical cases, as outlined in Figure 6.17.

In the first, rare case shown in Figure 6.17, a corporation has totally separate and unintegrated lines of business for which data warehouses are being independently built by different development groups. The diverse lines of business report to the corporation, but other than sharing a company name, there is no business integration or sharing of data within the company. Such a corporate

d/w A    d/w B    d/w C    d/w D

line of business    line of business    line of business    line of business


completely unintegrated lines of business each with their own data warehouses









the same data warehouse but with distributed parts


different levels of data within the same data warehouse

different non-distributed parts of the detailed level of the data warehouse

Figure 6.17 Four possible meanings to “multiple groups building the data warehouse,» each interpretation very different from the others.

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