Building the Data Warehouse

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Following are a few considerations of the elements of the indirect use of data warehouse data:

■■ The analysis program:

■■ Has many characteristics of artificial intelligence

■■ Has free rein to run on any data warehouse data that is available

■■ Is run in the background, where processing time is not an issue (or at least not a large issue)

■ Is run in harmony with the rate at which data warehouse changes



analysis/ — preparation program

Figure 3.50 The way that data warehouse data is made available to the online operational environment—indirectly.

■■ The periodic refreshment:

■■ Occurs infrequently ■■ Operates in a replacement mode

■■ Moves the data from the technology supporting the data warehouse to the technology supporting the operational environment

■ The online preanalyzed data file:

■    Contains only a small amount of data per unit of data

■    May contain collectively a large amount of data (because there may be many units of data)

■    Contains precisely what the online clerk needs

■    Is not updated, but is periodically refreshed on a wholesale basis

■    Is part of the online high-performance environment ■■ Is efficient to access

■    Is geared for access of individual units of data, not massive sweeps of data

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Data warehouse design is decidedly a world in which a normalized approach is the proper one. There are several very good reasons why normalization produces the optimal design for a data warehouse:

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»