Building the Data Warehouse

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Credit Scoring

Another example of the indirect use of a data warehouse in the operational environment is credit scoring in the banking/finance environment. Credit scoring refers to qualifying (or not qualifying) a person for a loan. Say, for example, a customer walks up to the teller’s window and asks for a loan. The teller takes

customer history file

customer id

•    last purchase date

•    last purchase item

•    product marketing category

Figure 3.48 The customer history is at the disposal of the telemarketer at a moment’s notice.

in some basic information about the customer and decides whether the loan should be approved. The interchange occurs in a very short amount of time—5 to 10 minutes.

To determine whether the loan should be approved, a certain amount of processing must be performed. The loan request is first put through a simple screening process. If the loan is for a small enough amount and if the person has a stable financial background, then it may be approved with no further processing. If the loan is for a fair amount and/or the customer does not have a stable, predictable background, then a further check is required.

The background check relies on the data warehouse. In truth, the check is an eclectic one, in which many aspects of the customer are investigated, such as the following:

■■ Past payback history ■■ Home/property ownership ■■ Financial management

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»