Building the Data Warehouse

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■    Male/female

■■ Professional/other

■    City/country

■    Children

■■ Ages ■■ Sex ■■ Sports ■■ Fishing ■■ Hunting

■    Beach

Because the phone call can be personalized and the direct marketing segment for a customer is available when the customer calls in, the retail sales representative is able to ask pointed questions, such as these:

■    “Did you know we have an unannounced sale on swimsuits?”

■    “We just got in some Italian sunglasses that I think you might like.”

■    “The forecasters predict a cold winter for duck hunters. We have a special on waders right now.”

The customer has already taken the time to make a phone call. The personalization of the phone call and the knowledge of what products the customer is interested in give the retailer a very good chance at raising revenue with no further outlay of cash or advertising. The personalization of the phone call is achieved by the indirect use of the data warehouse. Figure 3.48 shows the dynamics of how personalization is achieved.

In the background (i.e., in the data warehouse environment), an analysis program is constantly reading and analyzing customer records. This program scans and analyzes historical customer data in a very sophisticated manner. Periodically, the analysis program spins off a file to the operational environment that contains such information as the following:

■■ Last purchase date

■    Last purchase type

■    Market analysis/segmenting

When the customer rings in, the online prepared file is waiting for use by the retail sales representative.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»