Building the Data Warehouse

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The calculation of the optimal commission becomes a critical component of the interchange. The optimal commission is best calculated by looking at a combination of two factors—current bookings and the load history of the flight. The current bookings tell how heavily the flight is booked, and the load history yields a perspective of how the flight has been booked in the past. Between current bookings and historical bookings an optimal commission can be calculated.

Though tempting to perform the bookings and flight history calculations online, the amount of data that needs to be manipulated is such that response time suffers if they are calculated in this manner. Instead, the calculation of commission and analysis of flight history are done offline, where there are ample machine resources. Figure 3.47 shows the dynamics of offline commission calculation.

current    historical

bookings    bookings



average booking for date

Figure 3.47 The flight status file is created periodically by reading the historical data. It is then a very quick matter for the airline agent to get current bookings and to compare those bookings against the historical average.

The offline calculation and analysis are done periodically, and a small, easy-to-access flight status table is created. When the airline clerk has to interact with the travel agent, it is an easy matter to look at current bookings and the flight status table. The result is a very fast and smooth interaction with the travel agent and the ability to use the data stored in the data warehouse.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»