Building the Data Warehouse

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Building the Data Warehouse, however, is the cornerstone of all the related books. The data warehouse forms the foundation of all other forms of DSS processing.

There is perhaps no more eloquent testimony to the advances made by data warehousing and the corporate information factory than the References at the back of this book. When the first edition was published, there were no other books, no white papers, and only a handful of articles that could be referenced. In this third edition, there are many books, articles, and white papers that are mentioned. Indeed the references only start to explore some of the more important works.

The following people have influenced—directly and indirectly—the material found in this book. The author is grateful for the long-term relationships that have been formed and for the experiences that have provided a basis for learning.

Claudia Imhoff, Intelligent Solutions

Jon Geiger, Intelligent Solutions

Joyce Norris Montanari, Intelligent Solutions

John Zachman, Zachman International

John Ladley, Meta Group

Bob Terdeman, EMC Corporation

Dan Meers,

Cheryl Estep, independent consultant

Lowell Fryman, independent consultant

David Fender, SAS Japan

Jim Davis, SAS

Peter Grendel, SAP

Allen Houpt, CA

Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse concept, has written 40 books on data management, data warehouse, design review, and management of data processing. Bill has had his books translated into Russian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Dutch. Bill has published more than 250 articles in many trade journals. Bill founded and took public Prism Solutions. His latest company—Pine Cone Systems—builds software for the management of the data warehouse/data mart environment. Bill holds two software patents. Articles, white papers, presentations, and much more material can be found on his Web site,

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»