AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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X coordinate of start point Y coordinate of start point

X coordinate of endpoint Y coordinate of endpoint

Figure 27-1: The DXF file format is accepted by most CAD programs.

To create a DXF file, choose File О Save As. Choose one of the DXF formats in the Save as type drop-down list. You can save in DXF formats for Releases 12 through 14 as well as in AutoCAD 2000 DXF format. Click Save.

The only way to save an AutoCAD 2002 drawing in Release 12 format is to save it in DXF 12 format. AutoCAD 2002 does not save to Release 12 format directly.

Exporting to XML format

You can create XML format files using the WBLOCK command. (See Chapter 18 for a complete explanation.) In the Write Block dialog box, simply specify .xml at the end of the file name in the File Name text box to create the XML file. Figure 27-2 shows an XML file.


New ‘ XML files are new for Release 2002.


<?xml version=,rl.0″ encoding=»UTF-8″?>

<dxml: Object- xmlns: dxml=»x-schema: http: / /www. DesignXML . org/schema/DesignXML_V_ 100. xdr,r>

<dxml:Model app=,racdb,rxdxnil:LocalModelxacdb:Database xmlns:acdb=»x-

schema: http: / /www. DesignXML. org/schema/ AcDbXML_V_ 100. xdr» rootId=,rAcDbDatabase,r><acdb: Header dbVersion=,r15.0″ nextAvailableHandle=,rx25,r codePage=»ANSI_1252,r allowsReferenceEditing=»l» creationDateTime=,r2001-05-24T19: 46: 14.540″ creationUniversalDateTime=»2001-05-25T00: 46: 14.540″ modifiedDateTime=»2001-05-24T19:46:14.540″ modifiedUniversalDateTime=»2001-05-25T00:46:14.540″ anglesAreClockwise=»0″ angularDisplayUnits=»Decima1″ angularUnitsPrecision=»0″ attributeVisib i1ity=»attributeSpec ified» automaticRegenlsEnabled=»1″ cont inueLinetypesAcrossVertices=»0″ newDimensionsAreAssociat ive=»1″

d isplayFractionsInchesAndDegreesOnInput=»0″ d isplayLineweights=»0″ d isplaysilhouette=»0″ d isplaySp1ineFrames=»0″ generateAndSaveProxyGraphics=»1″ iso1ines=»4″

longSymtooINamesEnabled=»1″ sp1ineSegments=»8″ sp1ineType=»Cubic» surfaceSp1ineType=»Cubic» surfaceTabulationsM=»6″ surfaceTabulationsN=»6″ surfaceFitU=»6″ surfaceFitV=»6″ f i1lPolygons=»1″ orthogonalSnapIsEnabled=»0″ guickdrawTextIsEnabled=»0″ lengthDisplayUnits=»Decima1″ lengthUnitsPrecision=»4″ 1imitsAreEnforced=»0″ paperSpaceLimitsAreEnforced=»0″ 1inetypeScale=»1″ 1ineWe ight=»ByLayer»

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»