AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Exports a single solid only in a format usable with stereolithography.


Windows bitmap — a raster format.


Encapsulated PostScript — a format used by certain printers to create high-quality text and images. Exports all objects.

DXX Extract

A text file containing only block attributes. A variation of DXF format that is used to extract attributes.


The format used by Autodesk’s 3D Studio.


Drawing Interchange Format — a text format for CAD drawings that most CAD programs accept. You can choose from Releases 2000, 14, 13, and 12 DXF file formats. Exports the entire drawing.


Another format for transferring CAD drawings, but in binary format (not text) and used less often than the DXF format.


DesignXML Format — a text file for CAD drawings that can be read by other CAD programs as well as non-CAD applications, especially Web-based applications.


Drawing Web Format — a format for placing a drawing on a Web site.


For more information on the XML and DWF file formats, see the next chapter.

Exporting to DXF format

Figure 27-1 shows the part of a DXF file that defines a line. Not only are objects defined, but all layers, linetypes, and other settings are defined as well. The file lists codes that specify a certain type of data (for example, the X coordinate of a line’s endpoint), followed by the values for the codes (for example, 7.55). Because most CAD programs accept this format, you can export to DXF and send the file to someone else who can import it into another CAD program.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»