AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Figure 26-7: The Check Standards dialog box guides you through the process of checking a drawing against a standards file.

Figure 26-8: The completed standards check report

For information on checking standards for many drawings at once, called batch checking, see the sidebar, “Checking standards for multiple drawings.”

When you fix nonstandard objects — for example layers or linetypes with nonstandard names — AutoCAD purges these objects from the drawing. For example, once you change the layer Layer1 to the layer Notes, objects on Layer1 are changed to the layer Notes and Layer1 is purged.

Translating layers

If you receive drawings from clients or colleagues, you might find that their layer system doesn’t suit yours. Translating one set of layers to another to fit your layer standards could be a tedious job — until now.

Checking standards for multiple drawings

What do you do if you want to check standards for hundreds of drawings at once? For this scenario, AutoCAD has created the Batch Standards Checking shown here. Here’s how to use the Batch Standards Checker:

1. From the Windows taskbar, choose Start о Programs о AutoCAD 2002 о Batch Standards Checker.

2.    On the Drawings tab, click the + button and select the drawings you want to include. Click Open. You can select a range of drawings by clicking the first drawing, pressing Shift, and selecting the last drawing. You can select individual drawings by pressing Ctrl for each additional drawing. After you click Open, you can click the + button again and add drawings from a different folder. Use the Delete button to delete drawings and the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order of the drawings.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»