AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Checking a drawing against standards

To check a drawing against a standards file, you must first associate the standards file with the drawing, as just previously explained. Then choose Check Standards from the CAD Standards toolbar to start the CHECKSTANDARDS command (or choose Tools О CAD Standards О Check) and open the Check Standards dialog box, shown in Figure 26-7.

If you have just finished associating a standards file with a drawing, you can click Check Standards in the Configure Standards dialog box.

The Check Standards dialog box lists all the problems — items in the drawing that don’t match the standards file — that it finds, one by one. Here’s the procedure for using this dialog box:

1.    You see the first problem in the problem section of the dialog box.

2.    Use the Replace with section to choose a replacement for the non-standard item.

3.    Use the Preview of changes section to view how the replacement will affect your drawing.

To make the replacement and standardize your drawing, click the Fix button (or press F4)

To ignore the problem and go on to the next one, click the Next button.

AutoCAD continues to display problems that you can fix or ignore. When you are done, you see the “Checking is complete” message in the Problem area, along with a short report explaining how all the problems were handled, as shown in Figure 26-8. You can click the Next button again to recheck the drawing.

5. Click Close to return to your drawing.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»