AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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♦    Latest company or organization news

♦    New standards

♦    New or ongoing project specifications

♦    Notice of departmental meetings

♦    Links to company blocks and logos

In a large organization, the Bulletin Board can be an invaluable means of communicating with AutoCAD users. Instead of trusting that they will open their e-mail before starting AutoCAD, managers can now use AutoCAD as the means of communication.

The network administrator or CAD manager can configure AutoCAD Today using the Network Setup Wizard, found in the Netsetup folder of the AutoCAD CD. The Configure Today page of the wizard enables administrators or managers to:

♦    Specify a bulletin board location

♦    Prevent users from changing the bulletin board location (presumably so they won’t use it for surfing the Web during work hours)

♦    Display or hide access to Autodesk Point A

♦    Choose to display Live Update notifications

To change these settings after installation, use the Today Manager program (AcTodayMgr.exe), which you can find in the root of the AutoCAD 2002 CD.

Users can change the file displayed by clicking Edit. They can then type in a new URL or browse to the file they want to display.

The Edit button is not available if the CAD manager has set up CAD Manager Control during installation on the Configure Today page of the Network Setup Wizard. For more information on configuring AutoCAD Today, see Appendix A.

Accessing symbol libraries

One aspect of setting and maintaining standards is the use of a symbol (block) library. The third tab at the top of the AutoCAD Today window, Symbol Libraries, is a shortcut to access often-used blocks. A symbol library is simply a drawing file containing blocks. AutoCAD 2002 comes with several sample symbol libraries. These drawings, in the SamplesDesignCenter subfolder of your AutoCAD 2002 folder, contain blocks that you can drag into your current drawing using the DesignCenter. Of course, you will want to create your own.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»