AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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4.    In the Material Name text box of the New Standard Material dialog box, type Yellow Cheese.

5.    With Color/Pattern selected from the Attributes section of the dialog box, click the color swatch to the right of the Color System drop-down list. In the Color dialog box, pick the yellow box in the top row. Click OK.

6.    Choose Ambient from the Attributes section. Click Lock in the Color section. The color changes to the same yellow as the Color/Pattern swatch.

7.    Choose Reflection. Change the value to 0.10 because cheese isn’t very shiny. Click Lock here as well.

8.    Choose Roughness. Change the value to 0.75.

You can omit transparency because its default value is zero (0). Refraction is irrelevant without a transparency setting.

9. Omit this step and Step 10 if you don’t have a full installation or a custom installation that includes textures. Preview the yellow cheese on a cube. Choose Bump Map from the Attributes section. Choose Find File at the bottom right of the dialog box. In the Bitmap File dialog box, find the Textures folder inside the main AutoCAD folder and double-click. Change the Files of Type drop-down list to *.tga. Choose bmps.tga and click Open. Change the Bitmap Blend to 30. Click Preview again to see the difference. Note that the bumps are too big.

10.    Click Adjust Bitmap. In the Adjust Bitmap Material Placement dialog box, check Maintain Aspect Ratio. Change the scale to 2 and click Preview using the cube. The bumps are smaller now. Click OK three times to return to your drawing.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»