AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Select solids and regions to subtract…

Select objects: Select the inner circle at Q. Right-click to end selection.

7.    Use the HIDE command to see the result. This enables you to check the effects of the subtraction operations. Your drawing should look like Figure 24-18.

Figure 24-18: The result of three subtraction operations


^ Choose Union from the Solids Editing toolbar. Select the three solids at О © and © in Figure 24-18 and right-click to end selection.

9. Use the HIDE command again to see the result.

10. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 24-19. If you are continuing on to the next exercise, leave it open.

Figure 24-19: The final model after using the UNION command to create one object from three

Sectioning and Slicing Solids

The SECTION and SLICE commands are both used to create cross-section views of your 3D models.

Using the SECTION command

The SECTION command creates a 2D region from a cross section of a 3D model along a plane you specify. The original objects are left untouched. Figure 24-20 shows a region created using the SECTION command.

The SECTION command creates the region on the current layer. Make the current layer color different from the object layer color so that the region is clearly visible.

To use the SECTION command, choose Section from the Solids toolbar. Select

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»