AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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In this exercise, you practice using transparent commands and two commands concurrently.

Figure 3-7: Your drawing should contain a line, an arc, and a circle.

The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using transparent commands and two commands concurrently, abl-l.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.

Step-by-Step: Using Transparent Commands and Two Commands Concurrently

1.    From the previous exercise, you have a line, an arc, and a circle on the screen. If not, begin a new drawing using ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt as the template and draw a line and an arc anywhere on the screen. (You don’t need the circle.)

2.    Choose View О Zoom О Out. The drawing zooms out, appearing smaller.

3.    Choose Open from the Standard toolbar and open ab1-1.dwg from the Results folder on the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM. This is a drawing of a rectangle.

4.    Click the Window menu and choose your original drawing.

5.    Choose Circle from the Draw toolbar. The following prompt appears:

Command: Specify center point for circle or [3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)]: Pick any point at the center of your screen. Specify radius of circle or [Diameter]:

6.    At this point, say that you want to see the drawing closer up to properly decide where to place the radius of the circle. Type ‘zoom J. The following appears on the command line. (You may need to press F2 to see the entire prompt.) Follow the prompts.

>>Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window] <real time>: 2x J

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»