AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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If you insert a block with different X and Y scales, AutoCAD does its best to create objects based on their new shapes. For example, if you have a block that includes a circle and insert it with an X scale of 1 and a Y scale of 2, you see an ellipse. Therefore, when you explode the block, AutoCAD creates an ellipse from what used to be a circle.

Using the XPLODE command

The XPLODE command is a version of the EXPLODE command that you can use to control the final layer, color, and linetype of the objects. If you select more than one object, you can set the properties for all the objects you select at once, that is, globally, or for each object individually.

To xplode an object, type xplode J. (XPLODE is actually an AutoLISP program.) At the Select objects: prompt, select one or more blocks. If you select more than one object, XPLODE displays the Enter an option [Individually/Globally] <Globally>: prompt. Right-click and choose Individually to get prompts for each block individually. Press Enter to accept the Globally default option. If you choose

the Individually option, XPLODE highlights each block in turn so you know which block you are working on as you respond to prompts.

At the Enter an option [All/Color/LAyer/LType/Inherit from parent block/Explode] <Explode>: prompt, choose whether you want to specify color, layer, linetype, or all three. The Inherit from parent block option works only for blocks created on layer 0 whose color and linetype were also set to ByBlock. These ByBlock objects then retain their color and linetype after you explode them.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»