AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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4.    In the main box, double-click the Results folder.

5.    In the main box, click ab1-1.dwg. (Hint: It’s after ab10-9.dwg.)

6.    Click Open. AutoCAD opens the drawing. Keep this drawing open for the next exercise.

Using an Existing Drawing as a Prototype

While a template can be very useful, if you will use the objects and settings in a drawing only a few times, you can simply use one drawing as a prototype for other drawings.

You often need to draw a series of related drawings — perhaps several related electrical schematics or a group of similar apartments in an apartment complex. When a significant part of the first drawing is applicable to subsequent drawings, don’t start over — open an existing drawing, and immediately save it using a new name, as described in the next section. Make the necessary changes and resave the drawing.

Saving a Drawing Under a New Name

Whether you want to use an existing drawing as a prototype or simply make a copy of a drawing, you need to save the drawing under a new name. First open the drawing and then choose File О Save As.

In the Save Drawing As dialog box, type a new name in the File Name text box. Then click Save. You may also want to change the location of the new drawing by changing the folder in the Save in drop-down list box.

In the following exercise, you practice making changes in a drawing as well as saving the drawing under a new name. If you did the previous exercise, you have drawing abl-l.dwg on your screen. If you didn’t do that exercise, open abl-l.dwg from the Results folder of the CD-ROM.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»