AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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necessary, choose Desktop from the DesignCenter toolbar. Navigate to the folder containing the drawing and choose the drawing’s folder in the left pane. The drawings in the folder are listed in the right pane. Right-click the drawing of your choice and choose Open in Window.

Cross-    The DesignCenter is covered in more detail in Chapter 26 as well as in other chap-

Reference^ ters throughout thjs book

Using dialog boxes to open drawings

You can use several shortcuts when working in dialog boxes that open or save files, as follows:

♦    Double-click the drawing file to open it immediately without clicking Open.

♦    Click the Views drop-down list. Choose List to see a simple list. Choose Details to see file size and the last date and time the file was saved.

♦    Right -click inside the dialog box to open a shortcut menu with more options.

♦    Click the name of a drawing to highlight it and then click it once more to rename it (but don’t double-click it—that opens the drawing).

The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on opening a drawing, abl-l.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM. Place the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive.

Step-by-Step: Opening a Drawing

1. If AutoCAD is not open, start AutoCAD. Display AutoCAD Today and choose the Open Drawings tab. Click Browse.

If AutoCAD is already open, click Open on the Standard toolbar.

In the Select File dialog box, choose the drive for your CD-ROM in the Look in drop-down list box.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»