AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Drawings created and saved in Release 12 or earlier versions of AutoCAD do not show previews. Drawings created in Release 13 and later have previews unless this feature has been disabled.

To look for a file to open on the Web, click the Search the Web button in the dialog box. You can also use the Places list at the left side of the dialog box to find

drawings. The Places list was described in Chapter 1 for the Save As dialog box.

Figure 2-4: The Select File dialog box is equivalent to the Open dialog box in most Windows programs.

Opening an existing drawing within AutoCAD

To open an existing drawing once you have already started working in AutoCAD, choose Open from the Standard toolbar. The Select File dialog box appears. Choose a drawing as explained previously and click Open.

You can also open a drawing by dragging it from Windows Explorer into AutoCAD. However, you must drag the drawing anywhere but into the main drawing area — for example, into the command line or any blank area next to a toolbar. You can also double-click a drawing in Windows Explorer to open it. If AutoCAD is not running, Windows loads AutoCAD and the drawing as well. If AutoCAD is running and a drawing is active, the drawing opens as a second drawing within AutoCAD.

771 You can also open a drawing from the AutoCAD DesignCenter — a feature for managing both drawing files and many of their components. First, choose AutoCAD DesignCenter from the Standard toolbar. AutoCAD opens the DesignCenter palette, displaying an Explorer-like list of drawings in the left pane. If

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»