AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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♦    Length: Specifies the length of the next line segment. AutoCAD draws the line segment in the same direction as the last line segment or tangent to the last arc.

♦    Undo: Undoes the last line segment.

♦    Width: Defines the width of the polyline. AutoCAD asks you for the starting width and the ending width.

♦    Specify next point: Enables you to create a line segment. This is the default option.

Like the LINE command, PLINE continues to prompt you for more points, repeating the entire prompt each time. When you are done, press Enter to end the command.

If you choose Arc, AutoCAD responds with the Specify endpoint of arc or [Angle/CEnter/CLose/Direction/Halfwidth/Line/Radius/Second pt/ Undo/Width]: prompt. While this may seem overwhelming, most of the options are similar to the ARC command options. If you need a review, see Chapter 7. The arc options are as follows:

♦    Angle: Specifies the included angle.

♦    Center: Specifies the arc’s center.

♦    Close: Closes the polyline by drawing a line from the endpoint of the last arc to the start point of the polyline.

♦    Direction: Specifies the direction of the arc from the start point.

♦    Halfwidth: Defines half the width of the polyline—the distance from the center of the polyline to its edge. AutoCAD asks you for the starting halfwidth and the ending halfwidth.

♦    Line: Returns you to the main polyline prompt so you can draw line segments.

♦    Radius: Specifies the arc’s radius.

♦    Second pt: Specifies the second point of the arc.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»