AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Figure 12-6: The result of using the LIST command on an arc

3.    Choose Tools О Inquiry О Distance. At the Specify first point: prompt, choose the endpoint at Q in Figure 12-5, using the Endpoint running object snap. At the Specify second point: prompt, choose the endpoint at 3. Here’s the result:

Distance = 2740.90, Angle in XY Plane = N 89d23’34» E, Angle from XY Plane = E

Delta X = 2740.75, Delta Y = 29.05, Delta Z = 0.00

4.    Choose Tools О Inquiry О ID Point. At the Specify point: prompt, pick the endpoint at 4 in Figure 12-5. Here is the result:

X = 6065.67 Y = 3450.58 Z = 0.00

Do not save this drawing. Leave the drawing open if you are going on to the next exercise.

The precision set in the Units dialog box (FormatО Units) affects the results of the LIST, DIST, and ID (Locate Point) commands. See Chapter 5 for more information on the Units dialog box.

Calculating area and perimeter

AutoCAD can also calculate the area and perimeter of any area. To start the AREA command, choose Tools О Inquiry О Area.

You can specify points bounding the area you want to calculate. The points do not have to be on an object. AutoCAD calculates the area and perimeter as if you had drawn lines between all the points. AutoCAD automatically closes the area if you don’t close the area by picking the last point the same as the first point. This option is limited to areas with straight sides.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»