AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Working with AutoCAD Today

AutoCAD Today has three sections:

♦    The top-left area (My Drawings) enables you to create new drawings or open existing drawings. You can also access symbol libraries (sets of small drawings that you can insert into your active drawing).

♦    The top-right area, called the Bulletin Board, displays a Web page from the Internet or an intranet. This section is designed to be used by an AutoCAD Manager to communicate with AutoCAD users.

♦    The bottom area is a window into Point A, Autodesk’s Internet portal.

These three areas are described in the next few sections of this chapter and in Chapter 2.

To get right to work on your drawing, you can close AutoCAD Today by clicking its Close button (the X at the top right of the window). You can always reopen it by clicking the new Today button on the Standard toolbar. AutoCAD Today opens in a smaller window than AutoCAD itself so you can also simply click anywhere visible on the AutoCAD screen to hide AutoCAD Today. You can then display AutoCAD Today at any time by clicking its button on the Windows task bar.

Tip    If you don’t like AutoCAD Today, you can make it go away. Choose Tools ■=: Options

and click the System tab. In the General Options section, click the Startup drop* down list and choose either «Show traditional startup dialog» or «Do not show a startup dialog.» The Startup dialog box offers similar options to AutoCAD Today.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»