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However, you don’t always want to specify that a filter equals a value. Let’s say you want to create a filter that selects all circles with a radius less than 0.75. When you choose Circle Radius, the X box becomes active. Click the arrow to drop down the list of relational operators and choose one. Table 10-2 lists the relational operators.

Table 10-2

Relational Operators in the Object Selection Filters Dialog Box

Operator    Definition

Equal to Not equal to




Less than


Less than or equal to


Greater than


Greater than or equal to


Equal to any value

Adding a second filter

To add a second filter, you first decide on the relationship between the first and the second filter, and then assign a logical operator. Logical operators always come in pairs — when you begin one you must also end it. The logical operators are at the end of the drop-down list of filter objects.

Note When two or more filters are listed without logical operators, AutoCAD calculates them as if they were grouped with the AND operator. This means that AutoCAD only selects objects that meet all the criteria specified.

Table 10-3 explains the four logical operators. (AutoCAD calls them grouping operators because they group filter specifications together.) The Example column explains the results of two filter specifications: Color = 1-Red and Object = Circle.

Table 10-3

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»