AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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♦    You can change the layer, color, linetype, linetype scale, and lineweight of objects. (See Chapter 11.)

♦    You can edit text and text properties. (See Chapter 13.)

♦    You can edit plot styles. (See Chapter 17.)

♦    You can edit hyperlinks. (See Chapter 28.)

The Properties window contains two tabs. The Categorized tab organizes the types of properties you can edit by category. In Figure 10-39, you see the result of opening the Properties window with one line selected. Use the Geometry category to edit the line. The Alphabetic tab contains the same information organized alphabetically.

To change either endpoint of the selected line, just type new coordinates in the Properties window and press Enter. Of course, this method of editing a line is only useful when you know the absolute coordinates. When you select a geometric property, such as Start X, the X coordinate of the line’s start point, an arrow button appears. You can click this button and then pick a new start point directly on your screen. The new point becomes the new start point of the line, changing both the X and Y coordinates of the start point if your pick point requires it.

Figure 10-39: Use the Properties window — also called the Object Property Manager — to edit objects and their properties.

The Properties window has its own undo function. Right-click in the Properties window and choose Undo. Multiple levels of undo are available. You can dock the window if Allow docking is checked on the shortcut menu (right-click in the Properties window). Then drag the window to the left or right of your screen. You can resize the window by pointing to its edge until you see the double-headed arrow cursor, and then clicking and dragging.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»