AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Chamfer angle-^

First chamfer



<— First line

Figure 10-29: A chamfered


Chamfering is a two-step process. First you define how you want to chamfer the corner, specifying either two distances from the corner or a distance and an angle. Then you select the two lines you want to chamfer. AutoCAD chamfers them using the information you specified.



‘ In previous releases, you had to change the chamfering distances and then start the command again to actually chamfer. No more. In Release 2000i, the CHAMFER command was slightly redesigned so that you can now change the specifications and then use the command all in one operation.

Г To chamfer, choose Chamfer from the Modify toolbar. You cannot select objects before the CHAMFER command. AutoCAD responds with the (TRIM mode) Current chamfer Distl = 0.5000, D i s 12 = 0.5000 Select first line or [Polyline/Distance/Angle/Trim/Method]: prompt. AutoCAD starts by listing the current settings. You can define two distances from a corner or one distance and an angle:

♦ To define two distances from the corner, right-click and choose Distance. At

the Specify first chamfer distance <0.5000>: prompt, type the first chamfer distance or press Enter to accept the default (which is the last distance you defined). At the Specify second chamfer distance <0.5000>: prompt, type the second distance. The default for this is always the first chamfer distance because equal chamfer distances are so common.

♦ To define a distance (from the corner) and an angle, right-click and choose Angle. At the Specify chamfer length on the first line <1.0000>: prompt, enter a distance. This is the same as the first chamfer distance. At the Specify chamfer angle from the first line <0>: prompt, type the angle between the first line and the chamfer line.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»