AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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To mirror, select an object or objects and then choose Mirror from the Modify toolbar. Alternatively, choose Mirror from the Modify toolbar and then select an object or objects.

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In This Chapter

Using advanced copying commands: MIRROR, ARRAY, and OFFSET

Using advanced resizing commands: TRIM, EXTEND, STRETCH, and LENGTHEN

Using construction commands: BREAK, CHAMFER, and FILLET

Double-clicking to edit objects

Editing objects with grips and the Object Property Manager

Using selection filters and Quick Select

Creating groups of objects

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AutoCAD prompts for the first and second points of the mirror line. This is an imaginary line across which AutoCAD creates the mirrored object. The length of the line is irrelevant — only its start point and direction are important.

Tip    Most mirror lines are orthogonal. Therefore, once you specify the first mirror point,

turn on ORTHO and move the mouse in the direction of the second point. You can * then quickly pick the second point. Polar tracking can also easily guide you to specify an orthogonal mirror line.

AutoCAD then asks if you want to delete the source objects. The source objects refer to the objects you have selected to mirror. If you want to keep them, type n J or press Enter. You would keep the source objects when you are building a symmetrical model and want the mirror image to be added to the original object(s). Type y J when you want to edit an object — change its orientation — so that only the mirror image is retained in the drawing.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»