AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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12.    AutoCAD switches to Pan mode again. Move the Pan box to the bottom-right corner of the warehouse. Right-click and choose Enter. AutoCAD zooms in on this new view. Your display should look approximately like Figure 8-7.

Figure 8-7: The new view of the drawing after using Zoom Dynamic

13. Choose Zoom All from the Zoom flyout. Do not save your drawing. If you are continuing on to the next exercise, leave the drawing open.

Two Zoom options, Left and Vmax, are no longer listed at the ZOOM Command: prompt, but you can still use either option by typing it in the command line.

Aerial View

In AutoCAD 2002, Aerial View functions like a souped-up version of ZOOM Dynamic. You can use Aerial View to pan and zoom. If you need to pan and zoom often, you can leave the Aerial View window open and use it whenever you need to.

To open Aerial View, choose View О Aerial View. The Aerial View window opens, as shown in Figure 8-8. Like other windows, the Aerial View window can be active or inactive. When active, its title bar is shown in color (usually blue). When inactive, the title bar is gray. Inside the window, you see your entire drawing. To close Aerial View, click the Aerial View window’s own Close button. Aerial View has its own toolbar and menu. These are explained in the next few sections.

Zoom In

Zoom Out


Figure 8-8: The Aerial View window

Zooming and panning with Aerial View

While you work in your drawing, the drawing window is active and the Aerial View window is inactive. To pan and zoom using Aerial View:

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»