AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Figure 8-5: A drawing of a large warehouse, with shelving and conveyor belts

Thanks to Bryan Kelly of ATI Corporation, Fairfield, Iowa, for this drawing.

Choose Zoom Center from the Zoom flyout. At the Specify center poi nt: prompt, pick 0 in Figure 8-5. At the Enter magnification or height <5315.176>: prompt, type 500 J. AutoCAD zooms in on the office.

Chapter 8 ♦ Viewing Your Drawing 151

Figure 8-6: Your display should look approximately like this figure after using ZOOM Window.


Choose Zoom Realtime from the Standard toolbar. Place the cursor at the top of the drawing, click, and drag to the bottom of the screen. AutoCAD

zooms out the display about 200 percent.


Choose Zoom Scale from the Zoom flyout of the Standard toolbar.

Type 2x J. AutoCAD zooms in, doubling the scale of the view and returning you approximately to the previous view of the office.


Choose Zoom Dynamic from the Zoom flyout. AutoCAD now displays the entire drawing. The current view is shown with a green dashed line. The mouse cursor is a box with an X in it. You are now in Pan mode. To zoom in on the right side of the warehouse, move the Pan box to the lower-right corner of the warehouse and click with the pick (left) button.

11.    AutoCAD switches to Zoom mode. The Zoom box contains an arrow. Move the mouse to the left to shrink the Zoom box. Notice that the Zoom box is fixed at its left side. When the Zoom box is about half its original size, left-click again.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»