AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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6.    To calculate the scale factor of a 1/8″=1′ scale, multiply 1′ by 8 to get 8′ and convert it to inches, which is 96 (8×12).

Rearranging the views, dimensions, and text on a drawing to fit a standard scale factor and sheet size is a typical task. There is no actual setup step for setting the drawing scale, but you use it when you insert text or dimensions and when you plot the drawing.

Inserting a Title Block

A title block is a rectangle that includes spaces for the drawing title, company name, drafter name, and so on. It generally comes with a border that bounds your drawing. Many drawings require title blocks. You can insert an existing title block in two ways:

♦    In AutoCAD Today, choose the Template option and then choose one of the templates that includes a title block. For example, ANSI A -Named Plot Styles.dwt includes a title block and border that fit on an A-size sheet.

AutoCAD inserts the title block and border on the layout tab. (Layouts are covered in Chapter 17.)

♦    Once you have opened a drawing, you can insert a drawing of a title block into it. Choose Insert О Block. In the Insert dialog box, type the name of the drawing or block, or click Browse to find it. Most of the templates have a corresponding drawing that you can insert into your drawing. You can find them in the Template subfolder of your AutoCAD 2002 folder. To insert the file or block at 0,0 with no scaling or rotation, uncheck all the Specify On-screen checkboxes. Check Explode if you expect to edit the inserted drawing once it’s in your drawing. Click OK.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»