AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Table E-7 (continued)

System Variable



Use the On setting, the default, if you want text to be hidden behind other objects and to hide other objects when you use the HIDE command. If you use an Off setting, text will not hide other objects, nor be hidden, unless is has a thickness.


Sets the number of lines used to represent 3D objects in wireframe. The default is 4 but values can range from 0 to 2,047. A value of 8 is a good balance between display and speed.


Determines the color of obscured lines, specified by using one of the standard AutoCAD color index numbers (from 1 to 255). An obscured line is a line that would otherwise be hidden when you use the HIDE command and appears only when you turn on OBSCUREDLTYPE by giving it a value other than 0 and when you use the HIDE command or the Hide option of SHADEMODE. Also see HALOGAP.


Determines the linetype of obscured lines. Also turns on obscured lines. Also see OBSCUREDCOLOR and HALOGAP. 1 creates a solid line, 2 creates a dashed line, 3 creates a dotted line. For more options, see the AutoCAD Command Reference in Help.


Controls the way edges are shaded. The setting of 0 shades faces but does not highlight edges; 1 shades faces and highlights edges with the background color; 2 doesn’t shade faces, but hides hidden lines, and shows edges using the object color; 3 highlights edges only, using the background color. The default is 3 although 0 or 1 are probably more useful settings.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»