AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Discontinued system variables

Table E-5 shows system variables that have been discontinued along with available alternatives.

Table E-5

Discontinued System Variable in AutoCAD 2002

System Variable Alternative

DIMASO    Obsolete; replaced by DIMASSOC.

Changed system variables

Table E-6 lists some changed system variables.

Table E-6

Changed System Variables in AutoCAD 2002

System Variable Change

DIMASSOC    Supports AutoCAD 2002’s new associative dimensions.

System variables often used on the command line

If you write AutoLISP routines, you need to work with all system variables.

However, for most drawing tasks, you only need to know the system variables that you usually do not set in a dialog box. These are the system variables that you might want to type on the command line, and thus you should know them by name. Tables E-7 through E-14 list system variables by function so you can find them even if you don’t know their names.

Table E-7

System Variables for 3D Drawing

System Variable



Turns the compass, a 3D orbit aid, on and off in the current floating viewport.


Turns on and off the display of silhouette curves of 3D objects in wireframe display.


Sets the smoothness of 3D shaded and rendered objects and objects with hidden lines removed.


Specifies the percentage of an inch to shorten a haloed line — a line in a 3D model that would otherwise be hidden using the HIDE command. Haloed lines are shortened to set them off from unhidden lines and display only when you use the HIDE command or the Hide option of SHADEMODE. Does not apply to the lines that create the back (hidden) sides of solids or surfaces. Also see OBSCUREDCOLOR and OBSCUREDLTYPE.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»