AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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When on, AutoCAD tracks layer changes so you can use the LAYERP command or Layer Previous button. When off, AutoCAD does not track layer changes.


Opens the Layer Translator in which you can specify translation (mapping) from one layer to another.


Opens the Meet Now feature (Microsoft’s Net Meeting within AutoCAD) so that you can share a session of AutoCAD and communicate with other people via the Internet.


Adds a plot stamp on a plotted drawing, that is, a label containing some or all of the following: drawing name, layout name, date and time, Windows login name, plotting device, paper size, and plot scale.


Starts the Publish to Web Wizard, so you can publish drawings to a Web page.


Inserts markups from an RML file, created in Autodesk’s Volo View, into a drawing.


Scales text without changing its location.


Converts length values between model and paper space, usually for the purpose of displaying text heights the proper size in a scaled layout.


Displays the Configure Standards dialog box so that you can associate a standards file with the drawing.


Opens the Today window.

Discontinued commands

Table E-2 shows the commands that have been discontinued in AutoCAD 2002, along with any available alternatives. Some of these discontinued commands still work because they have been included as an alias in acad.pgp, but they actually execute the alternative command.

Table E-2

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»