AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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The CD-ROM also has one or two demo programs. Demos are not fully functional — usually they either shut down after a short time or they do not work to the fullest extent. Demos are not shareware—they demonstrate regular software programs that you must buy.

Using AutoLISP routines

AutoLISP routines are easy to install. Follow these steps:

1.    Copy the .lsp file to AutoCAD’s Support folder or to a folder that you have placed in AutoCAD’s Support File Search Path.

To add a folder to AutoCAD’s Support File Search Path, choose Tools О Options and click the plus sign (+) next to Support File Search Path on the Files tab. Choose Add. Type in a folder path or choose Browse to locate one.

2.    In AutoCAD, type (load «file name») where file name is the name of the .lsp file. You don’t need the .lsp, but don’t forget the parentheses or the quotation marks. AutoCAD responds with the name of the last function defined in the routine.

3.    Type the name of the function to use the AutoLISP routine.

You can also choose Tools О Load Application to load an AutoLISP or ARX program.

Most of the AutoLISP routines were written before AutoCAD 2002 came out. Sometimes the installation instructions are out of date and don’t include the capability of adding the folder to the Support File Search Path.

If no text file explains how to use the program, brief instructions may be displayed on the command line. If not, type the name of the file, such as atc, and press Enter.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»